Smart Traveller

PAYING US - via Bank

Direct Debit - verifying that you are sending us a payment into our Bank Account.

You may direct deposit into our Bank account from your preferred Bank or other Financial Institution Account , using the details below.

Commonwealth Bank Account:
Name: Frequent Flyer Club travel account
BSB: 065163
AC/No: 10108487


STEP ONE: Your Travel details to us .
Please complete the following fields below and submit, so that we can confirm data relevant to your payment when it is received by us.


This page will send us your details of the amount you are paying and from whom, but is not the actual monetary transfer.


STEP TWO: Your monetary transfer to us.
Copy the exact FRequent Flyer Club travel - Commonwealth Bank Account data from above and place it into the data section of your preferred Bank or Financial Institution Internet site . Follow your respective Bank or Financial Institution internet web site requirements
. SEND your monetary transfer to us.


That is all !


We will then receive this page that advises us of your transfer data THEN we will receive the actual amount via your prefererred Financial Institution.

When monies have been received, we will notify you and proceed to fulfill your request.

(Please print this page to keep these details handy.FYI)