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Although this Frequent Flyer Club website is dedicated to advise and redeem your Frequent Flyer points or Miles- a reality check should be maintained in case what you want or the timing of redeeming your points or miles is unsuitable and paid Travel is a better option or more logical and economical solution.

In case you wish to compare airflights and airfares OR if Frequent Flyer Airline seats are not available, you can use this section -see below.


In some cases it may be beneficial to actually purchase an airticket, hotel or car rental rather than redeem points because:

1: A purchased ticket is better value when deeply discounted seats are available to you.

2: A purchased ticket in one or both directions has better dates, times or routes that may suit you better than the very restrictive Frequent Flyer available flights offerred.

3: A purchased ticket-based on conditions applicable- affords you flexibility to amend or change if required by choice or circumstance.

4: A purchased ticket may better match your partners or families travel requirements or preferred dates/times/airports/carriers.

5: You may need to vary a flight or date when at destination, and most Frequent Flyer tickets will not allow this at all-whereas many purchased tickets will, subject to conditions applicable and paid.

6: You may wish to secure more Frequent Flyer points on a chosen carrier or Alliance partner- and only a Purchased ticket will allow this.

7: It may benefit you more to save your Frequent Flyer points towards a major upcoming larger or International Flight or Cruise travel Itinerary or have us @ Frequent Flyer Club assist you in transferring your accumulated points into (say) the AMEX "Membership Rewards" program that allows you to covert points into dollar values that can be used towards any Airline or Tour-Coach-Carhire-Hotel company or any Travel component whatsoever.

8:  You could not be bothered with restricted Frequent Flyer availability options or conditions and now decide to secure Travel , via paid Travel components.

FREQUENT FLYER CLUB is proud to introduce our Members and website visitors to a simple one-screen solution in comparing Australian and International paid airflights with associated Hotel or Car rental comparisons-that accept Frequent Flyer numbers to accrue your points and miles.

This facility will allow you to book a paid flight via a one-screen-solution in case your Frequent Flyer request are not available , or simply to allow you to see how much you would have paid "retail" had our services via FREQUENT FLYER CLUB been successful in securing for you Frequent flyer airtickets/hotel rooms/ car hire or Cruises .

  Click below to compare and book Airfares, Hotels and Car hire endorsed and secured via a fully licensed, accredited and secured Travel Agency. Established since 1978.


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