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Not all Travel Insurances are the same !

In fact the same underwriter can issue different policies via different industries that may not protect you properly!

  • Most Travel insurances do not afford you any protection for your Frequent Flyer tickets or bookings made. Our recommended policy does.
  • Some are offerred supposedly FREE To Credit Cardmembers-but afford little protection with a lack of english speaking staff based in Australia.
  • Some debit you an Excess (up to $200) per individual claim-not per Total claim.
  • Most do not give you any financial compensation if an Airline, Cruise, Tour Company or Car rental collapse. Our recommended policy does.
  • Some do not include repatriation of family expenses to get you back home in case of an emergency.
  • Some do not give you high limits of coverage in case of Medical evacuation or emergency funds.
  • Some do not protect you against Car excess in case of a claim.
  • Most policies have restrictive Age and/or pre-existing Medical condition rules.
  • Some do not extend Travel Agency assistance in case of need.

FFC recommends a Travel Insurance Policy that is specifically created and designed for "travellers"  and affords you protection in case of collapse of Airlines, Cruise, Car rental or Tour Companies , compensates you for Frequent Flyer airtickets issued , offers free QANTAS Frequent Flyer points when we issue the policy or you can do so online.

  • Most Policies issued worldwide-DO NOT!


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Examples of Travel Insurance advice and stories......

Frequent Flyer Tickets useless and no connections possible
QANTAS cancels a Frequent Flyer Flight from Sydney to Singapore that was to connect to another Frequent Flyer flight from Singapore to London. Clients must reach London on the next day to connect with a Trafalgar Tour. Flights are full and there is no way that QANTAS will allow boarding onto another Airline to allow a connection. Client has to purchase a new retail Airticket (with assistance of FFC staff) who book new flights to allow a seamless connection into London to connect with Tour. Travel insurance claim is made to obtain monetary refund of Frequent Flyer tickets already secured to compensate for new retail tickets issued. Approximately 70% of new retail Tickets are prepaid by Travel insurance policy payout. Clients get to arrive into London on time, perform transfer and do Tour. Both the Travel insurance policy , Frequent Flyer tickets and new airtickets all obtained via FFC site with staff assistance throughout.


New Exotics program

Princess Cruises has released its new brochure offering passengers the opportunity to visit some of the most spectacular locations on earth - from Antarctica to the Amazon and Africa - in a series of special cruises sailing during 2007 and 2008.

Travellers will be able to explore the coastline of India, cruise the tranquil waters of Hawaii and Tahiti, visit the legendary Amazon River, discover the mysteries of Russia and China, or take in the wonders of South America and Antarctica on journeys ranging from seven to 29 days.

For more information on Princess Cruises' Exotic program, contact us at


Another true story from the battlefields of Travel !

Recently a client who is a regular Frequent Flyer had to depart on a paid ticket to Amsterdam to attend a family issue.

He linked to this site, went to LINKS , went to the QANTAS LINK (via a secured Travel Agency site), grabbed a seat on QF and BA and had an E lectronic Ticket issued. He forgot Travel Insurance, so with nobody "open for business" at 07.00am on Sunday , he used his Frequent Flyer Member status, secured Travel Insurance online and saved 15% in the process.

He travelled on Sunday, had Electronic Ticket issued via our referred link and protected himself with Travel Insurance all within a few hours.

Suffice to say that we have acheived another happy (and savy!) traveller.

PS: He did  forgot to place his FF number onto the booking he made-but our staff fixed that up for him on Monday with guaranteed retrospective credit of flights flown , as promised bu FREQUENT FLYER CLUB in our GUARANTEE POLICY.




TRAVEL INSURANCE-Frequent Flyer Club compares these !


Do not be fooled by the so-called FREE Credit card Insurance offers out there, or others bought via Toll Free or WEB sites. . Take particular care of the Coverages, Claim costs and 24 Hour English Speaking assistance sections., Car excess waiver, repatriation.

Travel Insurance bough by you ONLINE via our website or via our Insurance Accredited staff gives you a personal contact point, extra coverage and saving up to $300 if a claim is made.

Be smart. Be savvy. Be careful.