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About Frequent Flyer Club

With over 33 years of Travel expertise, accreditations and credentials behind us- we advise, manage and redeem your Frequent Flyer points and miles of every major Airline, Cruise, Hotel Car Rental and travel Insurance company in the world.

  • We assist in advising correct Credit card transfer of points/miles and the best timings and carriers to do that from.
  • We "deconfuse the confusion" and apply our expertize, contacts, hand-on daily experiences and logic to sift through the myriad of Frequent Flyer complexities, black-out periods, "bonus" schemes and many other un-advertised deals and conditions to make your travel experience so much easier.
  • You can check flight AVAILABILITY with us ( a free service) or ask us to confirm a flight REQUEST ( a nominal service fee applies) Totally your choice.
  • We are not aligned or biased in our advice nor are we owned by any Airline or Supplier.

Our human brain-power is merged with computer technology to advise and offer you many multi-carrier Flight permutations that no computer software alone can do.

We use the highly skilled computer language expertise of Sabre, Galileo and Amadeus to do this ( If unsure, just ask trained Airline computer-skilled staff what this means!).

Please read this important page-at least once!

  • There will always be times when you need to make a Flight, Hotel Cruise or Car Booking using frequent flyer points.
  • The amount of information overload has made it difficult for many travellers, some say impossible- to keep abreast of the changes being made by Airlines, Banks, Frequent Flyer Suppliers, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Diners, Hotels, Car rental companies and many other associated companies.
  • Add to this the fact that many special offers, reduced redemption flight periods, upgrade offers and a myriad of route permutations exist to get you from point A to point B – and you get mass confusion.
  • Lately the ability of Airlines to manage their routes and yield management to such an extent that they will offer seats on specific flight numbers, hours, days, routes, sectors, with or without code-sharing agreements with other carriers has again made it difficult to allow travelers to obtain the best value deals on offer.
  • Staff at Frequent Flyer Club travel are all accredited travel agent professionals and not call-centre or un-accredited part-timers.

Time is money lost and time can never be re-captured or credited to any person. Once you have lost time-it is not retrievable.

The cost of researching the mass of Frequent Flyer information, knowing where to reference deals and then waiting on hold, trusting Internet sites and then ensuring that all data is confirmed and able to be amended, cancelled, exchanged or refunded must be considered by travelers.

You can use this site as either a MEMBER and obtain all the benefits and advantages that go with being a MEMBER or on a casual non-member basis. The choice is yours. 

Any traveller can activate our  free Frequent Flyer Club service to check out travel status without obligation or you can go directly to flight to get definite obligated travel bookings made using your points/miles with relevant Airline/FFC fees etc attached.

Any traveller can also activate ONLINE Travel bookings to book Flights, Car and Hotel travel, Cruises and Travel Insurance Online  or (we recommend) join us a Frequent Flyer Club Member and obtain great corporate and specially negotiated Travel discounts, a regular "Frequential" Newsletter, email updates, competitions and relevant Frequent Flyer Health Checks .Your choice. Clicek HERE if you want to know more.....

Of course, we would like you to join the thousands of Members worldwide and get the benefits and exclusive use of tools that will enhance your travel experience, deliver true savings on QANTAS Club membership, reduced Travel Insurance costs, corporate discounts on rental Cars and Hotels and allow you to extract the best from Frequent Flyer schemes. That choice is ultimately yours.

Frequent Flyer Club has been established for the sole purpose of "maximixing your Frequent Flyer points" We manage, advise and have issued all available and requested flight bookings, Hotel stays and Car rental reservations as requested by the traveller for nominal service fees.

Frequent Flyer Club also links with established , accredited and licensed suppliers who have stood the test of time and are highly regarded in their profession. We do not and will not use cheaper alternatives or un-accredited suppliers.

Frequent Flyer Club does not deal with FLY BUY cards or similar schemes that we regard as not so beneficial.

By working the system to your advantage, you can dramatically increase the number of points earned? Hundreds of frequent flyers have used our stress-free professional service and saved time and money.

We are Australia 's leading Frequent Flyer authority capitalizing on over 26 years of Travel Industry experience . We are featured on national TV (Getaway  Show, A Current  Affair) and our expertise and insights are frequently quoted in the print media (Australian Financial Review, BRW, Sydney Morning Herald) and Radio talkback shows across Australia ..

We are proud of our heritage and our staff are ready to assist you with your enquiry or travel booking.

Please be aware of your own Frequent flyer membership conditions given to you by your Airline or supplier/Bank/Card company before booking or requesting Frequent flyer reservations with us.