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Welcome to The Frequent Flyer Club

The small print ...

We are an independent accredited Travel service provider and not associated with any airline, frequent flyer, or award program.

We  know about and work daily in the world of Frequent flyer schemes, conditions, bonuses, specail deals, Alliance partnerships and redeem bookings daily for clients.

We guarantee that we can save most clients monies , time and complex hassles by using our direct computer Airline linkages, product knowledge, efficiency and expertise in most, if not all, Internatonal flight redemptions on behalf of casual Frequent Flyers using this website or our valued MEMBERS.

We only engage the services of licensed and accredited Travel Agency staff with years of experience and daily interaction with Airlines, Hotels, Car Rental, Cruise, Tour company, and Travel insurance and other travel providers and suppliers.

We service casual Frequent Flyer travellers and our MEMBERS in an unbiased and independent manner as we have no vested interest to satisfy.

All Frequent Flyer redemptions made on your behalf are subject to the conditions and fees HERE in addition to whatever membership/club/scheme etc that you join independently. It is your responsibility to locate, read and accept any membership conditions/fees/penalties that you have subscribed to.If you ask us we will do our best to comprehend what you have already joined that may not be clear of. Just ask us.

We assume no responsibility and disclaim any liability for the acts, omissions, or determinations of any 3rd party which provides services to subscribers.

Frequent Flyer Club© FEES / CONDITIONS:

Travel Suppliers impose their own strict penalties, fees and conditions if changes need to be made once we have had confirmed or issued your Frequent Flyer requests. Booking fees, loss of points and even cancellation of bookings are some conditions that you may have imposed upon travellers in addition to FrequentFlyerClub© fees.
Reward Redemption Centre Service Fees ** $in AUD $ Domestic International
Full Service-to secure seats , per person
FULL SERVICE Denotes ,that we will transfer points , research latest specials/ bonuses in detail and advise you of various permutations/ offers that may assist you in your Frequent Flyer arrangements
$55 / ticket (Economy class)
$85 / ticket (Business or First class)
$220 / ticket (Economy class)
$330 / ticket (Business class)
$440 / ticket (First class)
Hotel/Car/Gift Redemption bookings: $33 per item $55 per item
Arrange Transfers $22 $44
Amendments $33 per ticket/change $110 per ticket/change
Obtain points status for Credit Card & transfer (if reqd) $22 per enquiry $44 per enquiry
Obtain points status for Airline Club & transfer (if reqd) $22 per enquiry $44 per enquiry
  • To rectify a Frequent Flyer card, bank issued card or miscellaneous Frequent-Flyer related problem on your behalf, $55 minimum (usually Australian based Bank/Airline) to $220 maximum fee (usually Overseas based Bank/Airline). Our professional staff will advise you before initiating this service.
  • In some cases 2 or 3 different Airline systems may need to be used to assemble a (say) Round World Itinerary, with fees charged per carrier. We will advise you if this is the case before your monies are committee- otherwise only the one set of fees will be levied.
  • **No refunds if a Frequent Flyer booking is made and then cancelled by you. Some Airlines may refund some fees to you. Most taxes will be refunded.Most Airlines and Hotels now levy loss of points or miles if a booking is amended or cancelled.
  • For other than this service, Booking Conditions of Airlines, Suppliers and Axis Travel Centre will also apply.
  • We strongly suggest that a Travel Insurance policy is issued by us for you to protect you against loss of Frequent Flyer Fees , Airline, Cruise Company and other Supplier financial collapses amongst other travel costs. We have suitable Travel insurance that can assist you, which is a rare inclusion amongst Travel Insurance policies. Ask us.



    for casual clients who use our services and our valued MEMBERS.  We are confident that we will deliver what we say and we will use our expertise and advice to deliver what we say. You can very easily save much time and money in doing business with us both as a casual client and as a MEMBER.


    Full FFC MEMBERS benefits are listed HERE.


    We guarantee that ONLY the relevant Airline/Hotel/Car/Cruise etc and FREQUENT FLYER CLUB ™ fees/taxes/levies that are required by these parties will debited. Please note that **Airticket fees change daily with fuel levies/security and airport fees based on international exchange rates and Government changes. You may ask our staff for an approximate cost before proceeding or allow us to continue heron. All such **fees are fully computerised and mandatory, is
    sued with your final documents so to complete Frequent Flyer transactions-there is no choice anyway.


    If we cannot provide (via the carrier/supplier) you with your requested Frequent Flyer choices – no fees will be payable by you.

    If we cannot provide you with what you have requested, thenwe will not debit your Card or accept your monies for any FREQUENT FLYER CLUB © fees if we cannot match your Travel REQUEST. This is based on you supplying us with the correct initial data and details with us acting upon that information that is supplied by you to us.

    In each instance we must have your correct Frequent Flyer and/or credit/charge card numbers, your
    PIN details amongst other data as we request from you, plus you must give us a choice of Flight or Travel booking dates/times/routes/Hotel name/car category or Cruise preferences that we can work with (realistically) to accommodate your request.

    Please understand that time is of the essence here. We must be quick to secure what you want as very limited Frequent Flyer seats/spaces are usually released. This is particularly important for flight bookings during peak/holiday periods.

    Once work has progressed and services are enacted by us within the parameters pre-set by you, our Service Fees will be applied. This applies to bookings and confirmations of any of your noted choices made by you to us via written or verbal communication. All service Fees levied are non-refundable.


    If we are at fault and do not allocate your Frequent Flyer data to a Travel booking that FREQUENT FLYER CLUB has booked and is
    sued, after you advise us of the correct Frequent Flyer numbers linked with your profile, thereby disallowing you to accrue these-we will compensate you with these same points or an equivalent Travel credit allowance determined by us to appease you PLUS extend a 50% discount on your next trip , for the next FREQUENT FLYER CLUB ™ Service fee processed by us on your behalf.

    If it is the fault of the Supplier (e.g. Airline) not correctly linking your card details and crediting your points to you (considered by us as their fault)-we will pur
    sue their mistake on your behalf as a free service from us without us accepting responsibility but as a free service to you. We always back up what we say with a continued service level beyond the initial transaction.

    Our reputation is based on these GUARANTEES, plus our other personalised Travel services proudly established in 1978 and continuing onwards today.