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Such payments are usually made for Frequent Flyer Airticket taxes/fuel levies/fees and associated costs as well as any Travel insurance, Cruise or discounted Car hire, Hotel and Rail costs.

Frequent Flyer Club Members also benefit via discounted Travel insurance, Cruise, Car rental and Hotel rates. Apply HERE for more information.

  • Please note that your payment(s) to Frequent flyer Club travel  are accepted by us in conjunction with Frequent Flyer Club and associated Airline and other Travel component Terms, Conditions and Fees. Please be sure and understand that many Travel components paid for have specific conditions attached to them , such as but not restricted to all monies paid being nonrefundable , changes possibly disallowed and strict amendment fees applicable.
  • It is worth noting that once you ask us to book and have issued against your payment Frequent Flyer air tickets-either they cannot be amended or varied by name, route, class, date, time or Airline once issued or any variations would be very hard to do even though Airlines might advertise that they can be changed. Sorry to be so honest , but many Airlines live in the marketing world while we @ FFC live and deal daily with clients in the real world.
  • Even if you book Frequent Flyer travel (say Airtickets) administration and cancellation fees will be imposed, so be sure.

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Note that all costs are in Australian dollars. International transactions will be exchanged into Australian dollars at the applicable bank rate at the time of the transaction.

FFC Fees are nonrefundable once paid.

Each Airline, Hotel and cruise company have  their own fees and conditions. Usually a service, cancellation or amendent fee and loss of Frequent Flyer points or miles applies via these Suppliers. Please check with their conditions booklet or website data or ask our staff when booking travel with us..


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