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AMERICAN EXPRESS Membership Rewards


This redemption scheme is all about helping you get the most out of your Membership Rewards points, because it allows you to book from a range of travel options through Travelscene American Express and pay using your points. Frequent Flyer Club can assist you throughout this simple process.

Redeem your points with Frequent Flyer Club Travel and enjoy:      

$100 worth of travel for every 10,000 points you redeem; 
  • No restrictions on where or when you can travel to;
  • Points that can be used instantly when booking your travel;
  • The ability to redeem for any type of travel item you want, from flights to insurance; to taxes, to Cruises to Gift Vouchers and the flexibility of using any combination of your points plus a payment on your Card
1.                  Membership Rewards into $AUD dollars is a specialst area that can only be performed in transferring points by authorised and accredited staff.
2.                  FREQUENT FLYER CLUB has selected and entrusted Australia’s' award-winning American Express International Travel Agency, with over 32 years experience: AXIS TRAVEL CENTRE Pty Ltd in Adelaide in South Australia to facilitate all such AMEX Membership Rewards (tm) requests on behalf of our valued FFC clients throughout the world.
3.                  When your Membership Reward points are transferred into monetary values, they will reside in a secured  for you to have accredited staff book your travel for you
4.                  You will be attended to by accredited and experienced consultants, receive a flexible range of travel choices — with no restrictions on dates, times or locations. Which means you can travel anywhere, anytime you choose.

So, enjoy a holiday, a day's car hire or simply use your points to reduce your overall total travel bill — it's all within your reach with Membership Rewards .
§                    Only available to Membership Rewards Ascent or Choices enrolled Cardmembers. Membership Rewards enrollment required (an annual fee may apply). Subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Membership Rewards program. Subject to airline and hotel availability.
§                    If redeeming with Points + Pay, the 'pay' component of your reward will be automatically billed to your Primary Card Account and will appear on the first billing statement following redemption. Membership Rewards points will not accrue in respect of the 'pay' component of the Points + Pay rewards redemption.
FREQUENT FLYER CLUB experience suggests that this is the best generic and easy-to-use Frequent Flyer Membership scheme in the world.
§                    No Airline, Supplier or other Travel item embargo or restriction. Use your held points for virtually any Travel component booked via Axis Travel Centre , including Airticket taxes,fees and even Visa costs !
§                    Redeem your American Express Membership Rewards points for any travel at anytime - Most American Express Cardmembers enrolled in Membership Rewards are able to redeem their points for virtually any type of travel. Redemption of points is available exclusively through the Travelscene American Express travel agency network that Axis Travel Centre is a Member of.
§                    Points can be used to pay for any travel booking, either partially or fully, including for accommodation, cruises, airfares with any airlines, packages, insurance and more.
§                    Key Features of Membership Rewards  * Virtually any type of travel, anytime with no blackout periods whatsoever * Includes any airline, any seats, both domestic or international * Use the points for family or friends, not just the cardmember *
§                    Pay for travel entirely with points or in combination with payment *
§                    A nominal service fee applies of $55 per Domestic transfer transaction and/or $110 per International transfer transaction applies. You can have as many travellers as you want benefit from each transaction transfer as this fee applies per transaction , not per traveller (e.g. transfer 200,000 points to obtain 2 free airtickets, travel insurance and a hotel or cruise booking and you only pay the one Fee). We make it a simple process to redeem your points - start today!
§                    MEMBERSHIP REWARDS  does not compete against Frequent Flyer programs worldwide. It is a separate program that was developed by American Express (AMEX) to assist their valued clients in extracting excellent value-for-money for their hard earned Membership Reward points accrued.
How to start redeeming your Points
§                    Click " if you only wish us to advise you of your current AMEX status.
§                    Click " if you are familiar with the scheme and wish us to immediately confirm your point status and transfer the necessary points with any extra monies that need to be made to begin the points transfer into a usable monetary amount for us to begin booking your important Travel arrrangements. 
§                    Once we have your card membership details, we'll advise the dollar value your points are worth. If you are already an established Axis Travel Centre client, we would most likely already have your AMEX data and will NOT NEED any other data from you.
§                    After that it's up to you to tell us where you'd like to go! We will then progress and advise you of exact costs, how many points are needed to secure the Travel arrangements and work out the best manner to secure points and/or any variables.
§                    If you only have enough points for part of your booking, you can simply pay the difference. Obviously if you choose to pay the balance with your American Express card you'll be earning more points toward your next holiday.
 10,000 AMEX Membership Reward points equals $100 AUD. So, if you have 120,000 points to use, that equates to $1,200 AUD that can be used towards any Travel item or Airline or Supplier or insurance Policy or Cruise or Hotel or car rental or Coach trip or Tour or............. Unlike other programs and schemes , this is absolutely generic and so easy to use via our accredited AMEX Membership Rewards  staff.