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Welcome to Frequent Flyer Club.  
Australian based Priority Phone Number: 1300738073.
Fax :08- 8433 1100       

 Welcome to the regularly quoted and Media referenced site of Frequent Flyer Club© You can use this site as a "once-off"  visitor or

This Frequent Flyer Club travel service is delivered by fully accredited and certified professional Travel Agency staff - and not via part-time "call-centre" staff or biased Airline or an inexperienced travel supplier company.

Our human brain-power is merged with computer technology to advise and offer you many multi-carrier Flight permutations that no computer software alone can emulate.  We use the highly skilled computer language expertise of Sabre, Galileo and Amadeus to do this (Ask trained Airline computer-skilled staff what this means!).

With over 34 years of Travel expertise, accreditations and credentials behind us- we advise, manage and redeem your Frequent Flyer points and miles of every major Airline, Cruise, Hotel,  Car Rental and travel Insurance company in the world.

We advise, assist and are able to redeem your accumulated Frequent Flyer points/miles into travel tickets and/or vouchers.
We "deconfuse the confusion" © and apply our expertise, contacts, hands-on daily experiences and logic to sift through the myriad of Frequent Flyer complexities, black-out periods, "bonus" schemes and many other un-advertised deals and conditions to make your travel experience so much easier.

  • FFC MEMBERS do receive exclusive benefits, advantages and Travel deals . Click Here.
  •  Join as a MEMBER and see just how beneficial we can be in deconfusing the confusion” ©

BOOKING AVAILABILITY is a free travel service  available to  both MEMBERS and NON-MEMBERS  to have staff @ FFC check Frequent Flyer flight availability without any obligation , with no bookings made.

  • We do not book anything or reserve anything for you and therefore we don't need credit-card or other personal details.

Since we don't make any bookings during this process, anything that we reference you with could be sold-out by the time you return to make a booking - even if you return just moments later- but this service gives you an indication of what is available and what may be feasible.

We access  hundreds of Airline unique booking codes and applicable conditions, routes, blackout dates, specific flight numbers, code-share regulations using over 32 years experience so our data is as up-to-date and specific as it can be . We investigate, locate and advise you of seats that you (as a consumer) can not activate or locate let alone be privy to via any solo Airline website or phone call. We use the Computer Reservations Systems of Sabre, Galileo, Amadeus and other Airline specific systems to assist you.

If you prefer to engage our services to obtain guaranteed Frequent Flyer seats- go to our BOOKING REQUEST section.â–º

If you have already checked flight availability with us and wish us to now proceed with the best available Frequent Flyer seats then also go to our BOOKING REQUEST section.â–º

NOTE : You must be already a Frequent Flyer member of relevant Airline sto activate any redemption services and also ensure any Loyalty, Credit or Charge cards are also linked.


 Our expert Frequent Flyer Club (FFC) staff will “deconfuse the confusion”© saving you time, hassles, money and reducing headaches.

 If seats or rooms are unavalable, we suggest you  CLICK HERE.


BOOKING REQUEST is used by you to provide us with and request bookings on your behalf upon the parameters that you give us to work with. If seats/rooms are confirmed against your request then this travel booking is issued and ticketed under the relevant conditions/fees applicable.

  • This request needs your Frequent Flyer Number , Frequent FlyerPIN , your preferred Credit/Charge card and Travel details .This data is mandatory. We then proceed to confirm your request based on parameters given to us by you to issue tickets.Names must be exactly the same as Passports or bonafide Photo ID to travel upon.

Please ensure that the parameters and data you send us are correct as conditions/fees apply after we ticket. You will not lose points/miles or have costs levied against you if we cannot match travel parameters given by you. We will contact you first.

Many Frequent Flyer deals with bonus points, reduced redemption flights per sector or carrier, blackout periods, upgrade incentives and partner Airline/Hotel deals are usually not advertised well or very confusing.Our expert staff “deconfuse the confusion”© saving you time, hassles, money + headaches.

  TAXES + FEES : Daily changing airport taxes/ airline ticket fees and government levies at airports makes it impossible to guarantee exactly what fees/taxes/charges you may need to have debited against your Credit/Charge cards .This uncertainty means that an exact debit amount cannot always be guaranteed. We are governed by third party charges BUT our expertise will give you costs within a few dollars (AUD$) radius.





If you are new to our services, we only need these details from you once. They are then kept on a secure back-office system that is not reachable by any external services.

NOTE : It is important that you are already a Frequent Flyer with your nominated Airline/Hotel or Car company/chain to obtain their respective benefits BEFORE you ask us to perform any enquiry or booking on your behalf. It is your responsibility to ensure that your plastic cards are linked with respective Airline clubs etc and have points/miles transferred to their respective Frequent Flyer scheme Accounts.

If you are confused-please email or phone us for an instant response to allow us to "deconfuse the confusion©". That is our sole purpose!

Do you want exceptional benefits, advantages and Travel discounts ?  CLICK ,before you join FFC as a Member !

You can use our online FREE Frequent Flyer Club   service that you can have us check availability of Airline or Hotel Frequent Flyer seats/rooms that may suit your travel arrangements , without any obligation by you or

  • You can use our online Frequent Flyer Club     service that is used to engage our services to immediately request and confirm the best available Frequent Flyer Airline seats or Hotel rooms against your membership.This request is an obligation by you to have us secure the best available seats .
  • We are unbiased and offer clients a choice. We are not employed by Airlines or any Hotel/Car Rental, Cruise companies. Our expert Travel Agency accredited and licensed staff work on behalf of you- the Frequent Flyer.
  • We are aware that most Frequent Flyer schemes, Banks and associated suppliers who invented “this monster” have lost control of the many facets and complexities of so many Frequent Flyer redemption schemes and would prefer us NOT to extract and advise you of the best ways to gain benefits and extra “mileage” from their schemes-but that is not our role.



·         Our expert FFC staff are accredited, highly qualified Travel Agency staff who work on behalf of you- the Frequent Flyer and not suppliers.
·         We are constantly reminded that most Frequent Flyer schemes, via Airlines, Hotels, Car rental clubs and Banks have lost control of the many facets and complexities of so many Frequent Flyer redemption schemes.
·         FFC staff who attend to our requests are full-time , accredited Travel Agency professionals who are fully briefed and informed as to the best airflight permutations, methods, Bonus-schemes and special bonus days, blockout days , restricted/closed flight numbers, Hotel stay periods and Cruise allocations that may exist. We do not employ Phone Sales reps. We employ only accredited and trained travel professionals.
·         FFC staff pride themselves in understanding that the cost of researching the mass of Frequent Flyer information, knowing where to reference deals and then waiting on hold, trusting Internet sites and then ensuring that all data is confirmed and able to be amended, cancelled, exchanged or refunded must be considered by travelers. 
Join as a FFC MEMBER and see just how beneficial we can be in“deconfusing the confusion” ©
Please read this important page-at least once!
  • There will be times when you need to make a Flight, Hotel Cruise or Car Booking using frequent flyer points.
  • The amount of information overload has made it difficult for many travellers, some say impossible- to keep abreast of the changes being made by Airlines, Banks, Frequent Flyer Suppliers, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Diners, Hotels, Car rental companies and many other associated companies. Add to this the fact that many special offers, blackout periods, specific route deals, reduced redemption flight periods, upgrade offers and a myriad of route permutations exist to get you from point A to point B – and you get mass confusion.
  • Lately the ability of Airlines to manage their routes and yield management to such an extent that they will offer seats on specific flight numbers, hours, days, routes, sectors, with or without code-sharing agreements with other carriers has again made it difficult to allow travelers to obtain the best value deals on offer.
  • Staff at Frequent Flyer Club travel are all accredited travel agent professionals and not call-centre or un-accredited part-timers. They perform Travel Agency duties daily and are also accredited CRS (Computer Reservation System) professionals.
  FFC MEMBERS receive huge travel and financial benefits and advantages- hence we have one of the largest ongoing Memberships in the world who renew each year to gain the advantages we offer- easily saving membership fees over and over again.  FFC BENEFITS AND ADVANTAGES

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